Sunday, June 28, 2009

CSA - Week 4

The wait is finally over!  This week you will be feasting on ample amounts of sugar snap peas and the first delicately crisp, sweet carrots.  I feel compelled to remind you that sugar snap pea pods are edible (unlike shelling peas)....most of you already know this, but I remember one customer a long time ago that informed me how much work it was to shell all of those sugar snap peas. Poor thing.  

This week's share will also include turnips,
strawberries, flat-leaf parsley, salad mix, and the last delivery of rhubarb.  The Extra-greens share is salad mix this week.

We have been busy on the farm keeping up on the weeding, staking our determina
te tomatoes and sweet peppers, seeding more successions of salad greens, carrots, and beets, and harvesting the earliest garlic variety ('Shantung Purple', a hardneck type).  The greenhouse tomatoes are growing at warp speed, and the fruit set looks terrific.  We should be
enjoying fresh tomatoes around the end of July!   
I will be posting recipes shortly for rhubarb (as requested) and sugar snap peas.                

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