Thursday, May 13, 2010

Still Growing

The month of May is always an exciting, yet challenging, time in the garden here. The promise of summer weather is in the air some days, while occasional snow flurries remind us winter is not yet passed. Crops such as garlic, sweet onions, shallots and head lettuce are growing well in the field right now, while the young carrot seedlings are slower to get their start in the cool weather. The dahlia tubers have been planted, but will take a couple of weeks to push their first leaves through the earth (if they know what's good for them). Darrin and I transplanted the greenhouse tomatoes last weekend - the last 'big' project until the baby arrives. I just might try and take it easy the next couple of weeks! Our outside tomato and sweet pepper seedlings, as well as more head lettuce seedlings, are growing vigorously in the protected comfort of our propagation room, reminding us that they will be ready to be planted around the first of June.

My belly is near full capacity right now, and we are both so anxious to meet the little one! He entertains me daily with his uteral acrobatics and promises to keep me busy once he is born. With a due date of May 26th, we know he could come any day now! I'm still feeling great, albeit heavy in the middle, and am so thankful to have had such a healthy and active pregnancy. Darrin and I look forward to seeing you later this summer at the K. Falls Farmers' Market with baby in tow!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blooming bellies and other growing matters....

I thought a quick update was in order. The winter months are nearly behind us, and we anxiously await the coming of spring. Many of you know that Darrin and I are growing something other than a garden this year....our first baby is due at the end of May! We are happy to know that we are expecting a boy - it's been a joy to have these past few months to be home and prepare ourselves for this new adventure. I've been very blessed with a wonderful pregnancy thus far, and am encompassed with the love and support of my husband and our families and friends.

We won't be doing a CSA this summer to allow us to focus mostly on being new parents, but we can't seem to resist planning on growing some crops for marketing later in the summer. You'll be able to find us many Saturdays in August and September down at the Klamath Falls Farmers' Market, and we'll be doing our best to keep CSA members from previous years in ample amounts of whatever we're growing. I'll be posting more regularly as the season progresses. Happy spring!