Sunday, June 21, 2009

CSA - Week 3

Ever have one of those days you wish you could just pull the covers over your eyes and stay in bed all day?  Our cat, Vito, has them occasionally. Cats, I find, are very good at indulging themselves in activities such as sleeping. Farmers are no different from anyone else on this matter, only we can't indulge them for long stretches of time.  Tonight we find ourselves on our first frost watch in weeks.  I emphasize the word 'first', because we have been blessed with unusually mild nighttime temperatures this spring.  So, it is only fitting that, now that summer has finally officially arrived, a frost tonight weighs on our minds and bodies.  I will have to make this post brief to catch some necessary slumber.

As part of this week's produce share, you will find the first delivery of a favorite summer herb - 'Genovese' basil.  This variety is the classic favorite for traditional pesto...sure to be a treat! Also new this week are kale, shallot tops (can be used like green onions), and a token bunch of organically grown lavender from our home flower garden.  Returning items include salad mix, spinach, radishes, turnips, strawberries, and the last of the garlic scapes for the season.  Garlic scapes keep quite a long time if kept in a plastic bags or airtight container in the crisper of your refrigerator, so don't be afraid if you can't keep up with them for use until the heads of garlic come on in July/August.  The Extra-greens share is salad mix this week.  I was so, so hoping that the sugar snap peas would be ready for Monday's pick-up, but they seem to be providing me a lesson in patience.  And you, perhaps.... 

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