Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh yeah, we snuck away from the farm

And went to Scotland...We spent the first few days of the trip trying to decipher the accent in Glasgow only to find it was much harder to understand once in the country side.  Seven days of our tour were spent walking along the West Highland Way Trail. 
 The Trail is 95 miles long and we were able to spend nights in hotels and bed and breakfasts, all the while eating surprisingly good Scottish food and sipping brews along the way.  And yes, we tried some 10 and 18 year old scotch. Although scotch made my legs feel better after a days hike, neither Jordan or I liked them all that much.  According to the locals we just need to keep looking for the right one.  Apparently, everybody likes scotch if you search long enough.  We're suspect.  I'll have to admit the hike was much harder than either of us anticipated and the towns smaller, but I wouldn't take a trip to Scotland any other way.  Locals were charming and the scenery was spectacular.  The last 3 days were nice and relaxing in Edinburgh.  We ate at some schmancy restaurants (micro-green, roasted goat cheese, and walnut types of places), saw castles, and shopped for some new shoes (my feet needed out of boots).  All in all we love Scotland.     

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  1. So awesome! Did you get to go inside any castles?