Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Quintessential Tomato

I know that I said I would be doing a week of the tomato with all that free time, but Jordan has returned from her trip a few days early and I am again distracted.  Now the suspense has grown as to which tomato will be picked to start, and I've decided to go with a customer favorite.  

From what I have learned recently, Sudduth's Brandywine is much different in origin than Red Brandywine.  Though we will likely grow Red Brandywine out of curiosity this year, Sudduth's strain is the one we have grown to love.  According to Amy Goldman's new Heirloom tomato book it was a family heirloom for over 100 years, lending proof of it's superior, well-balanced taste and bringing smiles to our customers year after year.  Large and deep pink in color, it is great in Caprese salad, thickly sliced on sandwiches, or relished straight from the garden with nothing added as juices run through your fingers.  No persuasion needed to convince others of how wonderful this tomato is.    


  1. Excellent! Now, can you get it into an envelope?

  2. Excellent! Now, to get it into a USPS envelope...