Sunday, July 19, 2009

CSA - Week 7

This week will include the first delivery of beets. This means that those of you who signed up to receive beets will get one bunch each of beets and carrots. Those who opted out will instead receive two bunches of carrots. The beet roots are a mix of 'Golden', 'Red Ace', and 'Chioggia' (the bull's-eye variety), and the beet greens are wonderful steamed or sauteed. The Extra-greens shares will receive salad mix this week.

In addition to carrots and beets, this week's delivery will include salad mix, fresh dill, garlic, and the very first taste of the season's tomatoes! The tomatoes are just beginning to ripen in earnest, thanks to the much-needed heat this past week. By next week I will be able to give a nice quantity of them. On deck for delivery in the near future are summer squash, cabbage, and 'Walla-Walla' onions. 'Japanese-Long' eggplants are growing quickly, as are the snap beans and cucumbers.

We have been working on harvesting our garlic crop this week....making a big push (thanks to Darrin, my Mom, and Kevin), we were able to finish the task. It is a gorgeous crop this year! Look forward to enjoying a great number of varieties this summer. The garlic will need to dry down for 2-3 weeks before it will be ready to clean and consume. Cleaning all of that garlic by hand is a daunting task for one, so stay tuned for a notice about our second-annual garlic cleaning party at the farm!

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